Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Residential Pest control Services islamabad

We offer both residential and commercial extermination services, either on an as-needed basis or for preventative measures. Whether you inadvertently brought home some bed bugs after a recent vacation, have found ants in your kitchen, or are finding just a few too many cobwebs in your basement, indicating spiders are present, we have you covered with the best pest treatments available. In addition to insect issues, we also provide rodent control, which is particularly essential for businesses in the food industry.

Residential Pest Control

Most residential Pests issues need just one visit by our Pest Control Technicians. We can find and take away the infestation, and supply steering on pest-proofing your home. On Domestic level CNG Pest Control provide service for Home, Flats, Portions, Apartments, Townhouses and many Others Areas.

Commercial residential roof waterproofing Service islamabad rawalpindi

Pest Control Services, Inc. is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company serving Southeastern Idaho since 2009. We are a locally owned company that is well established in our local communities. We are dedicated to providing you, our customer, professional service and respect.

From our office staff to our spray technicians, we are committed to ongoing education for products and services. All of our applicators are licensed, trained and are continually engaged maintaining their re certification training and certification. This certification is regulated and monitored by the Idaho dept. of Ag. We are licensed and insured


Commercial Pest control Service islamabad rawalpindi

When pests invade your business, the results can be a lot more damaging than just your reputation. Rodents and insects cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Our objective is to identify pest problems and outline real world solutions using chemical and non-chemical IPM programs to protect your building, products, inventory, and reputation. We understand the health and safety risks associated with any pest infestation, and work hard to help you provide a safe place for your employees and customers.

We Provide Commercial Pest Control For:
Hotels Restaurants Apartment, Complexes, Food, Production, Facilities, Warehouses, Hospitals, Gyms, Office, Parks, Bakery, Townhouse

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