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Carpet & Sofa Cleaning

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet and sofa set cleaning system islamabad Rawalpindi

Why We Need Carpet Cleaning?

Expert cleaning helps to keep the dirt and dust from tearing away at the fibers in thecarpet, which ultimately makes them look better and feel softer for a longer amount of time. Installing carpet in your home can be quite an investment, so it is important to protect your investment by properly caring for it.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

1-Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is a method of carpetcleaning. It involves a combination of hot water andcleaning agents being injected into the fibers of a carpet at high pressure and all lifted soil being removed by a powerful vacuum.

2-Carpet Shampooing

Normally we need  Carpet should be cleaned on a regular basis. The misconception that powerful cleaners somehow damage or wear out carpets is not true. ... Carpet cleaners dothe opposite, they help rid carpets of the effects of lots of wear and use, making them look fresh, clean and new again.


Encapsulation cleaning is an interimcarpet maintenance method. In this process, the encapsulating chemical is sprayed onto and then brushed into thecarpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet. ... Since this is a low-moisture system, carpets can be put back into use promptly.

4-Bonnet Cleaning

There are many methods of carpetcleaning. Two of the most common arebonnet cleaning and truck-mounted extraction. Bonnet or spin cleaninginvolves a rotary floor machine with acleaning pad soaked in solution. As it moves over the carpet, the agitation causes dirt to be absorbed into thecleaning pad.

5-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technology found in the market and has gained increasing popularity and approvals by leading carpet manufacturers because of its effective cleaning performance and convenience as it does not require drying time.


Carpet and sofa set cleaning system islamabad Rawalpindi

Carpet and sofa set cleaning system islamabad Rawalpindi

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Carpet and sofa set cleaning system islamabad

Low price sofa set cleaning service islamabad

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